Telehealth services may be preferable for you for a number of reasons. If you are located remotely telehealth may offer you the opportunity to access high quality therapy that is not currently available in your area. In addition you may find face to face consults invasive or that they exacerbate anxiety symptoms and prefer the flexibility and freedom of having a consult via telehealth.

Telehealth services are services provided as an alternative to face to face consults and may include telephone, internet and video conferencing. Telehealth services are charged at the same fee as face to face consults.

All telehealth services must comply with the National Board’s code of conduct and guidelines therefore you can expect the same high quality and safe delivery of therapy services that you would receive if you were in a face to face consult. This includes ensuring your privacy and confidentiality, gaining informed consent, providing good care, maintaining health records, culturally safe practice and high quality communication.

Telehealth services will be provided via the Zoom network. Sessions will be password protected and conducted in an environment where your session cannot be overheard by others. Telephone services can be considered where video conferencing is not available to you.

In order to have a telehealth session you will require the following:

  • Access to a device that allows you to have your session via telephone or computer
  • An internet connection which is stable and secure
    (not in a public place such as a library)
  • A private room where you can focus on the session and will not be overheard by others (young children exempt)

Please note your private health insurer may not pay rebates for telehealth services.

Please check with your insurer prior to booking a session.