Mental Health

Using a trauma informed and strengths based approach I support women aged 16 and above with their mental health, drawing on ACT frameworks and evidence based interventions. My sessions are supportive and we work together to find out what it is value in life and how we can get you living by your values. I will complete formal assessments

If you are neurodivergent or living with anxiety and depression, chronic illness or a disability then day to day life can sometimes feel like survival. I want to help you to move out of survival mode and into a life that you look forward to living each day. You will learn:

  • How to live well with difficult feelings and emotions
  • How to live well with your neurodivergence, chronic illness or disability
  • What your values are and how to make them a priority in your day
  • What your barriers are and strategies for managing them


I support women with ADHD to learn to understand their diagnosis and learn strategies to live with neurodivergence. ADHD can impact all areas of your life including work, study, parenting, relationships, sleep and your mental health. Assessment and interventions include:

  • Sensory assessment
  • Functional assessment
  • Environmental assessment (home, work, study)
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Activity scheduling
  • Energy conservation and fatigue management
  • Psychoeducation
  • Cognitive intervention


I have specialised in the completion of Home and Living Assessments and Report for NDIS participants for the past 5 years. Participants living in the Geelong/ Surfcoast/ Bellarine region can be seen face to face. Participants located Australia wide can be seen via Telehealth. To make a referral please click here.

Nature Based Therapy

There is so much evidence to support the benefits of nature based therapy. As I am a lover of both nature, creativity and being an Occupational Therapist, I have combined my passions to provide nature and creative based therapy for my clients - on the beach, in the bush or wherever my clients feel most comfortable.

To support my clients to live a values based life we may try new things in a therapy session – horse riding, pottery, golf, surfing, abseiling, art, drumming… you name your passion or hobby and I will likely have the connections for you to try it!

(If you are on an NDIS plan or TAC these sessions may be funded under your plan following discussion with your support coordinator/ plan manager. If you are paying privately or under Medicare then a gap payment will be required. A fee quotation will be discussed with you in session)