Women's Health Workshops

Nicole teaches education sessions for women on understanding how their menstrual cycle, energy and mental health impact their productivity and day to day wellbeing. You will learn the steps to track your cycle, match your work life, productivity and social life to your energy levels and predict your mood and mental health.

Nicole will support you to understand the seasons of your menstrual cycle, how an untracked cycle can lead to burnout and overwhelm and to learn strategies for living in sync with your natural rhythm.

Workshop topics include:

  • Energy conservation
  • Fatigue management
  • Managing sensory overload
  • Preventing overwhelm and burnout – learning the early signs
  • Menstrual cycle awareness and education
  • Mindfulness for everyday stress
  • Activity scheduling for your personality (are you a night owl or early bird?)
  • Understanding how and why to track your cycle for teenage girls

Upcoming workshops

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NDIS – SDA and SIL Assessment and Report

Nicole completes specialist disability accommodation and supported independent living assessment and report for NDIS clients in Australia. A minimum of 20 hours is required for an SDA assessment and report and 20 hours for SIL assessment and report. A combined SDA/ SIL assessment and report requires 30 hours of funding to be made available. To make a referral for either SDA or SIL assessment and report please email.

If you have a remote or urgent client that cannot access an occupational therapist in your area this assessment can be completed via telehealth however please note that it is preferable that you explore your local area for a therapist first.