Women's Health Workshops

Nicole teaches education sessions for women on understanding how their menstrual cycle, energy and mental health impact their productivity and day to day wellbeing. You will learn the steps to track your cycle, match your work life, productivity and social life to your energy levels and predict your mood and mental health.

Nicole will support you to understand the seasons of your menstrual cycle, how an untracked cycle can lead to burnout and overwhelm and to learn strategies for living in sync with your natural rhythm.

Workshop topics include:

  • Energy conservation
  • Fatigue management
  • Managing sensory overload
  • Preventing overwhelm and burnout – learning the early signs
  • Menstrual cycle awareness and education
  • Mindfulness for everyday stress
  • Activity scheduling for your personality (are you a night owl or early bird?)
  • Understanding how and why to track your cycle for teenage girls

Upcoming workshops

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In clinic private occupational therapy

Nicole is a registered Occupational Therapist and certified health coach with over 20 years of experience working with women in the areas of wellness, disability, gut health, nutrition, mental health, carer burden, community health and neurology.

Nicole specialises in supporting women who wish to live a well life and may be experiencing overwhelm, dissatisfaction, undiagnosed sensory challenges, burn out, carer burden, anxiety, stress, post natal depletion, adaptation to the Mothering role and difficulty in juggling the demands of a busy life.

The aim of therapy is for women to:

  • Enjoy life
  • Feel fulfilled by their daily roles
  • Manage sensory challenges
  • Have a balance between work, home and leisure
  • Reduce the occurrence of physical symptoms due to overwhelm or dissatisfaction
  • Become educated on how to manage day to day life in order to prevent relapse
  • Have an increase in energy
  • Learn the habits to health and how to implement them in daily life


Initial consultation 1.5 hours $180

Return consultation 60 mins $150

Return consultation 30 mins $85

Private health insurance rebates are available.

Medicare chronic health treatment plan (allied health) rebates are available